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Private Lessons Available!

All private lessons are taught be professional experienced, & certified USA Archery or S3DA Coaches/Instructors. All lessons include Instruction time plus up to 30 min. of practice time immediately following your lesson, to work on that days skill.

Cost for a 30 min. Lesson is $25.00

Cost for a 60 min. Lesson is $40.00

Use our equipment Compound/Recurve/Long Bow

or Bring your own.

Important Note:

 ***Please Include: Student's Name, Age, Left or Right Handed, Experience Level, Preferred Equipment, TimeSlot and Contact Information. If Student is a minor please send contact infomation for the Parent or Guardian. ***

 Call 317-776-8472 to save your spot. Equipment rental avalible, Missed classes will be made up on by scheduling private lessons