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Sasquatch Spotted

Sasquatch has INVADED the Fun Zone!!!

 Sasquatch, also called Bigfoot, a large, hairy, humanlike creature believed by some people to exist in the northwestern United States and western Canada has been found at Koteewi Range Fun Zone.

 Sasquatch is 10 feet  tall, standing erect on two feet, often giving off a foul smell, and either moving silently or emitting a high-pitched cry. He is leaving footprints that measure up to 24 inches (60 cm) in length and 8 inches (20 cm) in width.

 "If you see this phenomenon, you will need to call yours friends because no one is going to believe you." stated a Koteewi Staff member, "He just climbed the fence and took over the range!" 

 Both Bigfoot believers and non-believers can not believe their own eyes. "It is huge, massive. I cant believe what i am seeing." stated a local shooter who asked not be named because he does not want his friends to think he is crazy.

Come out an see for yourself this wonder of nature.

Sasquatch Stalking Koteewi Range's Fun Zone

Sasquatch Stalking Koteewi Range's Fun Zone

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"The Koteewi Sport & Target Archery Center is a World Class archery destination... It's a place where people come to discover the ancient art of archery, train to compete, prepare for a hunt, and spend time with family."

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Our 4 Special Purpose Ranges

Range #1


16 Covered outdoor lanes out to 30 yds, what is commonly referred to as our "Family Fun Zone" and consists of a variety of 3-D animals set at varying unmarked distances. Dinosaurs, Zombies, Giant Snake, and Frogs, as well as the (mythical antlerless) Giant Jack-O_Lope all call this range home.

Range #2


Is  a multi-use range that was built to host field archery tournaments and Olympic archery trials. Theses ranges can accommodate up to 96 shooters at a time from a covered shooting line outdoors. Theses ranges are currently set with (20)x5, AWT Targets, with easy arrow pull & return shooting lanes, and offers shots our to 50 yards; on targets representing North American Big Game animals and more.

​Special Ranges & Novelty Ranges...


Do to our immense size we sometimes offer additional temporary range areas. These ranges are only set for a specific event or time frame. We also offer a 30 target 3D course setup from April to November.

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