Koteewi Range Reopening Schedule!!

Koteewi Range Sport and Target Archery  Center will open in three phases.

Our Temporary hours will be Thursday – Sunday 10am – 8pm

 On May 14th the Koteewi Archery Pro Shop will re-open for retail and service

work only. Shoppers will be allowed to purchase and demo their equipment while

following safety guidelines.

 On May 28th Koteewi  Range will reopen its ranges to archers with their own

equipment. Archers will be instructed on new safety guidelines,

 On June 14th Koteewi  Archery Ranges will once again be opened up to the

general public for all normal range activities including rentals, small groups and

lessons. Range will continue to operate at 50% capacity until Federal, State and

Local officials have deemed it safe to resume to a normal schedule. 

We will also go to a 7 day a week schedule starting June 15th .


Our Special Purpose Ranges

Range #1

​Special Ranges & Novelty Ranges...

Range #1


16 Covered outdoor lanes out to 30 yds, what is commonly referred to as our "Family Fun Zone" and consists of a variety of 3-D animals set at varying unmarked distances. Dinosaurs, Zombies, Giant Snake, and Frogs, as well as the (mythical antlerless) Giant Jack-O_Lope all call this range home.

Range #2

​Special Ranges & Novelty Ranges...

Range #1


Is  a multi-use range that was built to host field archery tournaments and Olympic archery trials. Theses ranges can accommodate up to 96 shooters at a time from a covered shooting line outdoors. Theses ranges are currently set with (20)x5, AWT Targets, with easy arrow pull & return shooting lanes, and offers shots our to 50 yards; on targets representing North American Big Game animals and more.

​Special Ranges & Novelty Ranges...

​Special Ranges & Novelty Ranges...

​Special Ranges & Novelty Ranges...


Do to our immense size we sometimes offer additional temporary range areas. These ranges are only set for a specific event or time frame. We also offer a 30 target 3D course setup from April to November.

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